Start Eating a More Planet Conscious Diet Today With These 6 Sustainable Tips

Tips for food sustainability in London

We all want to avert the climate crisis and, let’s be honest, if you don’t you’re probably in the wrong place (and maybe the wrong planet). At Zested we think this can start with what you eat. We call it Conscious Eating, and it tastes pretty damn good.

Just to start off, why ‘conscious’ I hear you ask? Well, there are two definitions of conscious that helped us in our hunt for a word more relevant to our approach.

1. Having knowledge of something.

2. Aware of and responding to one's surroundings.

We had knowledge of the climate crisis, and the role food played, so we designed our recipe box to respond to it. I think you’ll agree, the word was an obvious fit for us. 

The most desirable end goal is of course regenerative, restorative, zero input agriculture, fishing and meat production, but there’s only a small section of the population for whom that is possible, both in terms of who can afford it and whether they can get it. 

So what’s the solution for those of us who exist on the cliff-edge of action, ready to commit to doing our bit without knowing exactly what to do?

As a community there are a number of potent things we can do to become more planet conscious in our food choices today. They don’t cost the world and don’t require you to spend every Saturday at the local farmers market for the rest of your lives.

So, to give you the inside scoop, we’ve listed our top 6 tips to eating a more sustainable diet today:

1. Stop eating salmon

This one is so, so easy and we’d argue it is one of the most potent things we can do as individuals, global citizens and consumers right now. Salmon farming, and our huge desire for the fish, hasn’t just devastated wild salmon stocks, it’s also posing a direct ecosystem threat to huge marine areas that are already under critical environmental pressure. 

2. Improve the quality of meat you’re eating

Check the labels and make the switch. Ask yourself, what is the improvement I can make today? If you’re eating cheap chicken three times a week, maybe move that to once but go free range. If you’re eating Tesco Finest steak, perhaps it’s time to make the shift up to an ethically sourced butcher. Instead of looking at the most expensive sustainable option and saying ‘I can’t afford that’, look at what you can do but do it today. 

3. Shop smart and know your flavours

Want to make a Thai green curry tonight but don’t have spring onions but you do have those shallots from the other day? Save yourselves some money and the world from waste and switch up the recipes. As long as you’re not swapping in bathroom cleaners for courgettes, experiment. What’s the worst that can really happen? You’ll get to know what goes with what, eat tastier food and waste less of it. 

4. Reattach with the seasons 
Seasonal Recipe Box Delivery

Ask your Granny, ‘Granny what did you eat in December 50 years back?’. She probably won’t tell you asparagus and tomato tarts. Check where your food is from by looking at labels or asking the shop owner. We go with the approach that your whole dish doesn’t need to be from Lincoln, Shropshire or your garden, but do try to make sure it’s mostly from local producers. It tastes better, is better for you and is way less impactful on the planet. 

5. Pick your cause

If you’re plant based for environmental reasons, ask yourself what this means. Have you stopped cow's milk and replaced it with almond? Well check out this article to see why that’s a bad swap. If you’re pescatarian but still eating tinned tuna then you might not be having the impact you want. We all have different ways of eating, and that’s what makes food so exciting and us so unique but, however you choose to eat, do your research and be as planet conscious as possible with it. 

6. Support companies who share your values

It’s hard to earn money and very easy to spend it, so speak with it when you do. Support food companies who share your values. Join brands on their journeys not just as consumers, but as members of their community. Encourage them to make the differences you want to see and reward them with your loyalty when they do. 


Our recipe box has been built with these principles right at our core. We champion those brave enough to commit to change and firmly believe that, if we are to stand a chance at avoiding climate catastrophe, it is the small changes of the collective that will make the difference over the large changes of the few. 

Sustainable Recipe Box

Check out our recipe boxes today, take your pick (if you live in London. Sorry Mum!) and take your first (or hundredth) step towards eating a more planet conscious diet. 🌎📦🌿

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