Introducing our exciting all-new recipes for four people!

Introducing our exciting all-new recipes for four people!

After seven months of trading, two warehouses (well, one was a tiny office), 47 recipes, 3000 people served and A LOT of box packing, we thought it was time we extended what Zested has to offer. 

Some of our earliest memories were formed in the kitchen around the dinner table, tucking into interesting new flavours and learning about food. We’ve always wanted to inspire people to eat with the seasons and forge a deeper connection with where their food comes from. So, we started Zested to introduce people to seasonal eating through ethically sourced produce. And we package this up into exciting dishes full of colour, flavour and nutritious goodness with eco-friendly packaging. And sometimes cheese.

The response from our community since we launched Zested has been AMAZING and we’re so grateful for that. But one question we have had a lot of people asking is if we do meals for four people. And, if we didn’t, why on earth not?!

Recipes for four people

So, we listened to our legions of adoring fans and are finally giving the people (or at the very least, the 21 people who actually asked) what they want. We’ve spent the last month finding new packaging — don’t worry, still barely any plastic — chatting with our amazing suppliers, sorting out logistics (as fun and yes, as confusing as it sounds!) and sending boxes up and down London, making sure it's all just right.

Whether buying for two or for four, we haven’t compromised on even an ounce of quality. It’s the same great quality you’ve come to expect from Zested, but... *drumroll*... DOUBLED. 

We’ve kept our menu classic, taking inspiration from the seasons and great producers. There are some family favourites like our Fish Tacos and Crispy Chicken, as well as some hyper-seasonal dishes like our Summer Squash with Butter Bean Hummus. The recipes are designed by our co-founder Wil who cooked across London at Moro and Kricket amongst others, and our incredible recipe developer Alice, who (almost literally) has incredible recipes coming out of her ears.

A recipe box for families, a recipe box for friends and a recipe box for you

There’s something beautiful about taking the time to share a meal with friends or family, and the plan with our meals for four is to take the stress out of that. Pre-packed, minimal plastic and zero waste. So easy and so delicious, leaving you even more time to enjoy your evening and, possibly more importantly at least in our opinion, the food.

And if you don’t want to replicate the romantic scene we set above, our recipes for four can actually just feed just one person four times, or once if you’re really really hungry. We simply send you the recipe box and it’s up to you how you’d like to use it. No judgement here — unless you throw it away or incinerate it with coal or something, then we will 100% judge you for lousy planet decisions. 

You know what they say: two’s company, three’ a crowd and four is the perfect number of people Zested’s meals can serve from now on. Catchy! 

So, no need to keep your eye on the horizon because meals for four have landed! And if you fancy being first in line, we’re giving you 50% off your first recipe box for four with the discount code ‘dinnerfor4’.

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