Zested X Marble Music: Tunes To Get You Cooking

Zested X Marble Music: Tunes To Get You Cooking

Are you into cooking up a storm whilst electrifying your kitchen with big tunes and bigger moves? We are, and Marble Music have made us all a playlist to make that possible. 📦🎶🌎

We reckon that there are two constants through sensory history: the joy of eating food and the joy of dancing to music. Whether it’s Roman’s getting down to the lute whilst munching on eels and massive bunches of grapes or eating a calippo at a festival and grooving to your favourite band, they go together like peas and carrots. 

So, to celebrate our pretty broad theory, we’ve teamed up with our friends at Marble Music to bring you a playlist of bangers to break it down to whilst cooking up a storm. Think groovey bangers and soulful anthems all with a planet conscious tilt to keep our eyes on the prize whilst getting down.

Marble Music are an audio branding agency based in West London who share our passion for music and belief that most things are better with a soundtrack. Be sure to check out their playlists for some more musical goodness across your airwaves. 

Click here and elevate your cooking experience by at least 3 levels today. 📦🎶🌎

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Grab one of Our Boxes today with the 50% off code LDNZEST , get listening and get a groove on. 🎶🌿

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