Contact & FAQ's

Should you have any questions about an order, please contact us at or call us on 07870913557.

We currently deliver to all London postcodes within the M25. Keep your eyes peeled for new postcodes coming up!

Simply put: You order it. We’ll deliver it to you. You eat it. 

The first step is to click here to see our changing monthly menu. Select whether you’d like 2 to 4 meals for the week and get ordering. Order by 12pm Sunday and we’ll get it delivered to you the following Wednesday.

Most of the time you'll only need olive oil, salt and pepper. Occasionally recipes will require milk, butter, sugar and flour but a quick look at the recipe will give you this info. 

You will receive a full refund if you cancel your order before 12pm on the Sunday before your delivery. If you cancel after this time we will be unable to offer you a refund as we order our produce after 12pm on Sunday. If you would like to cancel your order, please email to let the team know.

We currently deliver on Wednesdays and the deadline for ordering is 12pm on Sunday. If you order after this then your food will arrive in two Wednesdays time.

Remember to fill out the ‘Where should we leave your box?’ section at check out section if there is somewhere specific you’d like it left, if not we will leave it safely on your doorstep.

Our order times will vary according to the area of London you live in. If you're not in, not to worry. The insulation in our box will keep your food fresh and safely chilled for up to 24hrs until you pack it away.

All of our meat and fish is sustainably sourced and reared. Where possible, we always look to source seasonal vegetables grown in the UK.

We work with fantastic suppliers to deliver you the freshest fish, often from lesser known species that taste just as good (if not better!).

Our meat comes from farms across the UK and will always be high welfare and free range without exception. Our suppliers place a high emphasis on the quality of life of the animal and provide meat that tastes amazing. 

Our vegetables come from one of the best suppliers in London. They have supplied top restaurants for 60 years and always deliver us beautiful, delicious and fresh seasonal produce.

Our other produce, whether it is tins, cheese or spices, is all sourced with one eye on flavour and the other on the planet. 

We are always striving to connect with new suppliers who share our values to provide more delicious food with a lower impact.

As our suppliers & packing team handle a wide range of ingredients, we cannot guarantee that no traces of other allergens may be present.

All of the vegetables and herbs will last happily unopened in the fridge for a week after delivery. Whilst they may well last longer, we work on guaranteeing freshness for a minimum of one week.

In regards to meat and fish, check the sell by dates on the packaging. Whilst we always strive to ensure that meat and fish is as fresh as possible, there may be occasions when it has previously been frozen. Therefore, we would not recommend freezing and if you do do so this will be done at your own risk.

We are proud to work with forward thinking packaging suppliers to make sure your food is delivered to you in perfect condition with the lowest possible environmental impact. 

Our box and insulation are compostable, although this is only possible at the correct facility. Please see our packaging guide for a full breakdown of all of the packaging used within the box, along with specific instructions how to dispose of it safely and with the lowest impact possible. 

Within the box we have used Greenman packaging to provide plant-based PLA plastic containers and bags. For salad and herbs we have needed to use slightly less sustainable options to maintain freshness. 

We always strive to eliminate plastic where we can, reduce it where possible and find solutions that limit our impact at every turn. 

As our suppliers & packing team handle a wide range of ingredients, we cannot guarantee that no traces of other allergens may be present.

In response to hygiene concerns, we are committed to the highest possible standards.

Our food handling staff are trained to at least Level 2 Food Health and Safety and we operate from a Lambeth Authority approved Food Premises. We have taken on extra cleaning precautions to ensure safe processing of food.

In regards to delivery, we operate under strict social distancing guidelines and deliver in face masks and gloves. If you wanted to leave your box somewhere safe inside for a few hours before unpacking, our insulation keeps food safely chilled and fresh for up to 24hrs. Although we would recommend refrigerating as soon as possible.