How to dispose of your Recipe Box

At Zested we are dedicated to delivering delicious tasting food with the lowest possible impact. We have chosen our box and packaging with this in mind.

As it stands 80% of our packaging can either be composted, recycled or is biodegradable. We always strive to be better and acknowledge there are some areas we need to improve upon to continue to reduce our impact.  

Below we have listed each category of packaging and provided a guide as to how to responsibly dispose of it after you have finished using it. 

The Box and Insulation

The Enviro-Box and insulation are both recyclable and can be put in with your cardboard recycling to be processed by your local authority. 

Alternatively, up-cycle them yourselves. Fill the box with soil and plant seeds in them. Make a robot costume. No judgement here. 

As we grow, our plan is to be able to collect them from you or provide an easy way to send them back to us so we can use them for your future deliveries. 

The Ice Packs

The ice packs are made from non-recyclable but sturdy plastic, which means that you’ll be able to refreeze them and use them again and again.  

Again, in time we’ll be running a service that will allow them to stay within the Zested cycle to be used again and again. 

The Paper Bags

All of our paper bags are biodegradable and can be recycled in your paper recycling. 

Alternatively, if you compost as home you can shred it up and mix it into your compost pile. They also make great grocery bags if you want to look like you’re shopping in the US in the 1950’s. 

The Containers

Our spice and condiment containers are made from plant-based PLA (Polylactic acid). This means that they can be composted, but only if disposed of correctly. They can not be recycled. 

As we grow, we hope to be able to bring these back into the Zested loop and, eventually, eliminate the need for them all together. 

The Salad Bags

Our salad bags are biodegradable and recyclable, although they are oil based. We have chosen them as they are the best way to keep produce fresh and eliminate waste.  

We are actively looking for alternative solutions but it is a priority of ours to ensure that food is delivered in the best possible condition to our consumers.

The Dry Goods Bags

Our dried goods bags are made from plant-based PLA (Polylactic acid). This means that they can be composted, but only if disposed of correctly. They can not be recycled.  

As we grow, we hope to be able eliminate the need for them all together and we move towards completely reusable packaging.e 

The Vacuum Pack Bags

At this stage the vacuum pack bags are made from a non-recyclable polymer. This is due to the nature of vacuum packing and the safety requirements of the meat and fish in the packs themselves.  

There are alternatives appearing on the market that are at an early stage of development. We are actively looking to test these products as soon as possible.